New Year Updates

Looking back over 2017 will offer perspective for many organizations. Using what occurred, how it impacted the business and how it was handled will offer tremendous insight while conducting your Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) for this year.

Don’t feel overwhelmed. We stand ready to help you work through your assessment and develop plans and procedures to help your organization be prepared.

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Dan Taylor

On the Horizon

Every business owner wants to be able to see what is in the cards for their organization. Promoting your business, hiring the right people, quality of service all help position you to succeed. So, when an unexpected emergency or disaster occurs, what then?
According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), some 40% of small businesses do not reopen after a disaster. Now to be fair, the magnitude of the disaster may well play into this figure.
Having and practicing an emergency plan can make a tremendous difference. Clearly evaluate what could happen and now it will impact your agency. Take steps to reduce or mitigate these events. Practice and re-evaluate the plan. It is in place to help you through troubles times. It needs to be as good as your business plan.

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Violence in Unexpected Places

The recent events on Sutherland Springs, Texas and again today near the town of Corning in Northern California is immensely sad and tragic beyond words. These and other events are more and more in the news and ignites debate on so many levels.

Taking a step back and realizing that these events can occur anywhere at anytime should compel us as individuals and collectively as organizations and communities to be better prepared. Will planning and preparedness stop these types of horrific events? Of course not. But it can equip us to take better actions more quickly and can assist in saving lives.

Take a moment and look around where you work, go to school, eat or socialize. Know where the exits are. Be aware of things out of place, people acting suspiciously, things that don’t feel right. That little voice telling us something is not right may be the only warning we get.

Like DHS says, If You See Something – Say Something!


CMS Surveyor Information

A few days ago, CMS released information to allow Surveyors and Providers access to training in preparation to survey the updated Preparedness Rules. The link is below and I found it quite eye opening and beneficial.
If your organization would like some advise or assistance with being ready for an inspection and, more importantly, building a preparedness culture, please contact me.
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Up Close and Personal

In the past few days many healthcare organizations have gotten a very close look at system failures and evacuations. Planning and practice is key to working through these events. Will it make the entire process flawless? Absolutely not! It will however give your leadership and staff a foundation to get on the right track when something happens. Many facilities stepped in to assist those in need, and their patients. It had to have been a heart wrenching decision to call the evacuation. I cannot imagine. Using plans and training along with experience help control these operations and do what is best for the people most affected, the patients. Thoughts and prayers go out to those who had to send their folks elsewhere. I know you are happy to be receiving them back and to be operational and serving your communities once again.

Best wishes for continued recovery and may your light shine brightest onto someone’s life when they need it the most..


CMS Information Update Ref: S&C 17-21-ALL

On Tuesday, March 28, a letter dated March 24 went out to assist with some guidance for meeting the new Emergency Preparedness Final Rule. In it, it states that providers and suppliers are expected to have completed the “exercises” per the training and testing requirements. It goes on to say that they strongly encourage providers and suppliers to partner with local and state emergency agencies and health care coalitions to conduct full scale exercises and to have conducted a table top exercise. Knowing that full scale exercises are not always possible for some providers and suppliers, they expect that a facility-based exercise has been done and to document why a full scale has not been possible. They also encourage providers and suppliers not to wait on final guidance to take these actions as not having done exercises or met the other requirements by November 15, 2017 will result in being sited for non-compliance.

(Ref: S&C 17-21-ALL)

Site Construction

We are working to improve the site to be informative and easy to navigate. If your organization is affected by the CMS Conditions of Participation for Preparedness released in November of 2016, we can help. As of Friday, March 24 there had been no new release of the guidance for complying with or inspecting under these new standards.

We are checking every day.