The recent events on Sutherland Springs, Texas and again today near the town of Corning in Northern California is immensely sad and tragic beyond words. These and other events are more and more in the news and ignites debate on so many levels.

Taking a step back and realizing that these events can occur anywhere at anytime should compel us as individuals and collectively as organizations and communities to be better prepared. Will planning and preparedness stop these types of horrific events? Of course not. But it can equip us to take better actions more quickly and can assist in saving lives.

Take a moment and look around where you work, go to school, eat or socialize. Know where the exits are. Be aware of things out of place, people acting suspiciously, things that don’t feel right. That little voice telling us something is not right may be the only warning we get.

Like DHS says, If You See Something – Say Something!


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